Open source aggregation tools are more safer

The Appclick has access to more than 20 first-line advertising platforms by aggregating SDK which from the Mopub opened source architecture to ensure the safety of developers’ products and aggregate at once.

Intelligent aggregation advertising algorithm

Appclick Aggregation SDK uses automated waterfall advertising screening technology to determine the maximum revenue of a single ad filling. At the same time, integrate to ACINFO content will have more content reading tags, increasing the dimension of ad matching comparison.Appclick Aggregation SDK supports A/B test, independently selects users to test in groups, and checks the data effects of users in different groups or regions in parallel to quickly optimize the aggregation effect.

Appclick has its own data, real and visible advertising monetization effects

The data analysis system opens transparent data, from ad request, ad bidding, ad filling to ad click, revenue, ECPM, ECPC, LTV and other data are all visible.

Aggregation tool and global monetization

Appclick aggregates the SDK open source architecture to ensure the stability and security of developers’products.

Opened strategy operation

—Visible aggregation controllable strategy , support developers to operate independently.Such as group testing, proportion, frequency control, etc.

Filling global advertising

—Providing with a complete and opened global advertising aggregation monetization for developers. It has aggregated to more than 20 high-quality advertising resources in the world to maximize APP advertising filling rate

Intelligent aggregation algorithm

—Through automated Waterfall advertising screening technology, it is determined to maximize the revenue of a single ad filling, access to ACINFO content will have more content reading tags, and increase the dimension of advertising matching

DSP brand advertiser

— AC-DSP system, docking more brand advertisers' budgets, participating in aggregate advertising bidding, improving display ECPM, and increasing traffic monetization revenue.