Appclick global marketing

Opened tools service, refined operations for developers, and transparent data analysis tools can help developers maximize the traffic of developers.

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ACINFO content tool

  How to quickly access suitable entertainment content for APP.

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Aggregation advertising tools

  Convenient and lightweight SDK to achieve the best monetization.

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  Interactive content,creative advertising putting

ACINFO Content aggregation

Integrated more entertainment can help developers increase advertising profitability and user activity of product .

Improving product activity

Leisure content which based on information, graphics, short videos, mini games, constellation tests, etc. is an effective way to consume user time and improve retention.

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Content marketing

Using content discovery as a new form of advertising monetization, revenue can increases by 10-30%.

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Segmented ads

AI label grouping technology of content distribution can accurately improve advertising targeting effects.

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Tooled SDK

Quick access to aggregation content can avoid self-built content with long cycle and high cost.

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All the data is real-time and visible content advertising monetization effects.

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Quick integration

Suitable for APP and website products, support SDK and JS integration methods.

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Innovative advertising monetization

More APP content, more scene realization, content and income achieve a perfect balance.

30+ Content Classification
5000+ Content label
20+ Aggregation advertising platform
2000+ Serving for developers

Aggregation tool and global monetization

Appclick aggregates the SDK open source architecture to ensure the stability and security of premium TV brands and developers, and help monetize your mobile and CTV inventory.

Opened strategy operation

—Visible aggregation controllable strategy , support developers to operate independently.Such as group testing, proportion, frequency control, etc.

Filling global advertising

—Providing with a complete and opened global advertising aggregation monetization for developers. It has aggregated to more than 20 high-quality advertising resources in the world to maximize APP advertising filling rate

Intelligent aggregation algorithm

—Through automated Waterfall advertising screening technology, it is determined to maximize the revenue of a single ad filling, access to ACINFO content will have more content reading tags, and increase the dimension of advertising matching

DSP brand advertiser

— AC-DSP system, docking more brand advertisers' budgets, participating in aggregate advertising bidding, improving display ECPM, and increasing traffic monetization revenue.


Work together to explore contextualized advertising for user content. icon,rappi、netmarbel、FunPlus、Tap4Fun、xiaomi、bigolive.

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